Portraits & Lifestyle Photography
Portrait Photography
For Portraits photography we have covered baby shoots, graduation shoots, couple shoots and family shoots.  Baby shoots are a lot of fun, we understand we have to be very patient with them to capture their best expressions which is all part of the fun and bonding.
We can even come to you and set up a mini studio to take portrait shots for a reasonable price, so feel free to get in touch with us.  Portrait shoots start from £150.
Lifestyle Photography
Lifetyle Photography  is similar to portrait photography but taken at different locations.  For example we take couples to a local park or to Central London, usually a place that means something to them.  This makes the images much more fun and attractive as well as creative.
We not only take newly-weds on lifestyle photo-shoots but can also take couples or even individuals for photo shoots.
Every photo shoot is different so feel free to get in touch with us with your requirements and we can do our very best to meet them.  We often put Lifestyle photo shoots into our wedding photography packages.  We feel it’s a great ice breaker as it allows our couples to feel more comfortable with us when it comes to their special day.