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Jaspal Singh Virdee

Jaspal Singh Virdee - Photographer

For me photography is such a big part of my life, from a very young age I use to always follow my dad around when he was taking images with his canon A1 camera in the 90’s.  I must have been about 9 years old when he allowed me to start taking images from it, I was so fascinated with it that my dad brought me my first camera which I took to every school trip and event I went to.   I was never much of a reader,  I always loved just looking at pictures of Art and graphics from a young age.   Its only after I graduated in 2007 and worked for a few years in accountancy that I felt my heart and passion was mainly in photography.


Learning never stops, im always looking for new ideas and better ways to improve so that when couples look back at their wedding images 20 years later that they feel like it was only yesterday that they got married.


I love capturing weddings in a natural style, weddings are one of the most challenging events to photograph, but the feeling you get when you take images of two souls greatly in love on their wedding day makes it so worthwhile.   Not only that, but the places I go to and the people I meet while I have been photographing have been such a beautiful experience so far.


Although I’m the main photographer at Aura photography, we also have a number of professional experienced freelance photographers which I use.


I hope you enjoy the images and I look forward to hearing from you.