Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book you?

Please get in contact with us to check date availability. If the date is free we arrange a consultation. We can then run through your requirements and expectations. Once you like what you see a non-refundable Retainer is required along with our signed agreements to reserve the date.

What are your charges?

Our charges for Wedding photography start from £1,200. We are flexible in terms of swapping certain items for another in each of our packages. All couples are different and have different requirements. Its best to meet us with your full requirements to get a tailor made package to meet your needs. We require 25% of the total fee to reserve the date, 60% of the balance is due 4 weeks before the first event and the remaining 15% is required once the work is complete.

Please contact us about pricing for Events, Lifestyle, Portraits or Commercial.

Will you stay longer then the original times agreed?

Yes, we will stay for as long as you need us to cover your event charged hourly which will be highlighted in the agreement.

How far will you travel?

We are based in Harrow London, but we are willing to travel anywhere across the UK and even abroad along as travel and accommodation costs are met.

What is Aura photography style?

Our style is very natural, we love taking pictures whilst the event is taking place without getting in the way too much or slowing things down. This is where our name Aura Photography originated from as we like taking pictures without being noticed but you still have a sense we are there. This is the best way to capture natural shots at its best. We only step in when we are required to, or feel things will work better a certain way. We love capturing that special spark between the wedding couple by posing them for pictures in a certain way. We make this experience as relaxed as possible and like to have fun whilst taking pictures.

How many Photographers can we have?

Jaspal Singh Virdee will be your main photographer, but you can have as many as 4 photographers if required. Usually one photographer covering the groom’s side and one covering of the bride’s side will be enough, but we can always bring in more depending on the size of the event.

Do you require an itinerary?

Yes, We like as much detail as possible about the day, i.e timings, group shots, capturing certain things on the day. It does help us but it is not essential as we are always looking to capture that special moment, that true emotion, that special connection so you can look back and enjoy your memories when looking at our photos.

Can we have a pre-wedding or post wedding shoot?

We always advise our couple to have a pre wedding shoot. We like doing this as it helps us to know our couples better for the big day. This way you feel more comfortable and confident being photographed on the wedding day. However if you are unable to have a pre wedding photography shoot we you can have a post wedding shoot within 3 months of your marriage.

Can we choose the location of our pre/post wedding shoot?

Yes of course, we generally prefer the couple to choose a location which means something to them. Be it the first place they met, the place where they proposed or just a lovely place to be. We can even go down to the beach, Central London, or even somewhere such as Paris. Most pre-wedding shoots last a couple of hours, but if you require daylight and a nightlight photo shoot this can also be provided.

How long does it take for us to get our pictures?

Depending on your wedding date it can take up to 6 weeks to have all the photos edited and ready for viewing and a further 8 weeks to have your album Printed. The quickest we have edited all the images was within 3 weeks. We use a number of highly rated companies for album printing Worldwide. On average you can expect all your pictures and albums to be ready within 3 months providing you pick the images to be printed in the album ASAP. Wedding Albums will be hand delivered to you or you can come and collect them from our place in Harrow.

Do you edit all the pictures we receive?

Yes, we will edit all the pictures we provide you on DVD as jpeg files at full resolution.

How do we view our pictures that we want in the wedding album?

We either upload all your images in a private album through our website or post you a disc where you can select an average of 150 images.

What if I want a picture edited a certain way?

We can edit any pictures further if required to suit your needs. You will be able to leave comments on any picture through the private viewing area on our website. We do edit some pictures into black and white images but we will always keep another copy in colour so you can choose which will make it in the album.

How many pictures can we put in our wedding album?

We recommend having between 100-150 images in your album. We advise the couple to select the pictures which tells a story of your day as it unfolds. We will then have the album designed and will provide you a PDF layout of the album. You can then make any adjustments, once you are happy with the layout and design we will send the album to be printed.

Can we have more then one wedding album?

Yes, we can provide you as many copies as you require. Most coupes get one for each side of the family. We also provide little versions of the main album which are very popular too.

What cameras do Aura Photography use?

We use Canon 5D mk3 bodies with a number of different L Series lenses. Each photographer will have at least 2 camera bodies with them.

Will our wedding pictures be used for advertisement on social media sites such as Facebook or another websites?

We do like to use some of the best images taken on your wedding date to help us generate more customers. We do also give better rates if you allow us to use these images on such websites. If you’re uncomfortable for us to use these images will keep them away from such websites.

Is Aura Photography insured?

Yes, we have both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

Is Aura Photography part of any associations?

Yes, we are part of The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers (SWPP) & SISLP.

Do we provide you with meals on the day?

Most couples provide us with meals the same time the guest are eating so we can still capture anything else which may be happening at that time. We don’t spend to long eating but its nice to have a little breather just to refresh.

Do you only Photograph Weddings?

Although we mainly target weddings, we also cover lifestyle, portraits, events and commercial photography, so please do get in touch to find out more.

Can you also video our special day?

We work very closely with a number of videographers which we like working with, we will be happy to recommend them to you in our meeting.

We hope this helped. If you have any further questions we will be happy to discuss them in our meeting.