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About Aura Photography

Aura photography covers photography for Weddings, Events, Lifestyle, Portraits and Commercial.
Aura Photography was officially launched in October 2011 under Aura Photography Ltd.
Our Aim
Our aim is to capture images for you that will be cherished forever. Images can speak so many words; they can show the true emotion at that particular time it was taken. The most beautiful images are the ones that tell a story making you feel like you was actually at the event. This is what we try our very best to do.
We mainly focus on photographing Asian Weddings, but we also love photographing Events, Lifestyle, Portraits and commercial images.
The main reason we named our company Aura photography was because we like taking natural photos without being in the way too much but still having a sense that we are there. We love capturing an event trying to show the same energy, emotions and feelings in our images.